Friday, 30 August 2013

SEAMUS HEANEY - R.I.P. New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. Copyright & All Rights Reserved.


even his hair and clothes
were poetic-
the strands and fibres
blowing and smelling
phrasing words
digging up roots
of beauty and violence
from umbilical bog
hosting the bones
of victims buried
clutching peaceful seeds
to throw on troubled fields.
that liquid lilting voice-
like mist and sunlight
on soil and mud
turning tales to truths
speaks like celtic circles
on sacred stones-
in estranged language
returning us to landscape.
Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 30th August 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

HOPPER'S LADIES - New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. Copyright & All Rights Reserved.


you stay and grow
more mysterioso
but familiar
in my interior-
with voices peeled
full of field
of fruiting orange trees
fertile to orchard breeze
soaked in summer rains
so each refrain all remains. 

not afraid of contrast,
closed and opened in the past
and present, this isolation of Hopper's ladies,
sat, thinking in and out of ifs and maybes
in a diner, reading on a chair or bed
knowing what wants to be said
to someone
who is coming or gone- 

such subsidence
into silence
is a unilateral curve
of moments
and movements
that swerve
a straight lifetime
to independence
in dependence
touching sublime
rich roots
then ripe fruits. 

we share their flesh and flutes
in ribosomes and delicious shoots
that release love-
no, not just the fingered glove
to wear
and curl up with in a chair,
but lovingkindness
cloaked in timeless
density and tone
in settled loam-
beyond lonely apartments in skyscrapers
and empty newspapers,
or small town life
where gossip guts you with a knife.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones, 7th August, 2013. All Rights Reserved.