Friday, 6 December 2013

Read 14 Poems, Comments & Reviews from WOODED WINDOWS by Strider Marcus Jones

14 Poems from my 4th book WOODED WINDOWS by Strider Marcus Jones

In these poems, I look into and out of the wooded windows of the past, present and future. I am romantic, erotic, political and spiritual: a pagan peasant in this poverty and paradise, chained to the same land in serfdom but fighting to climb the tree of life and reach the branches of freedom.

Read 20 Poems, Comments & Reviews from POMEGRANATE FLESH by Strider Marcus Jones The poems in this collection show Strider’s gift of being able to weave words into creative and surprising configurations. He manipulates words to do his will, taming them with his love for the sounds, rhythms and cadence of language. The result is poetry that is fresh, wild, sensual, and new. His poetry lulls the reader into hypnotic and sensual trances with imaginative renderings of lush landscapes of the mind, body,and nature. Pomegranate Flesh is a wonderful compilation of poems, resonating with a poet’s passion for life, love, and language. The Pomegranate is the national fruit and symbol of Armenia. It represents fertility, abundance and marriage. One ancient custom widely accepted in ancient Armenia was performed at weddings. A bride was given a pomegranate fruit, which she threw against a wall, breaking it into pieces. Scattered pomegranate seeds ensured the bride future children. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

SEAMUS HEANEY - R.I.P. New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. Copyright & All Rights Reserved.


even his hair and clothes
were poetic-
the strands and fibres
blowing and smelling
phrasing words
digging up roots
of beauty and violence
from umbilical bog
hosting the bones
of victims buried
clutching peaceful seeds
to throw on troubled fields.
that liquid lilting voice-
like mist and sunlight
on soil and mud
turning tales to truths
speaks like celtic circles
on sacred stones-
in estranged language
returning us to landscape.
Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 30th August 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

HOPPER'S LADIES - New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. Copyright & All Rights Reserved.


you stay and grow
more mysterioso
but familiar
in my interior-
with voices peeled
full of field
of fruiting orange trees
fertile to orchard breeze
soaked in summer rains
so each refrain all remains. 

not afraid of contrast,
closed and opened in the past
and present, this isolation of Hopper's ladies,
sat, thinking in and out of ifs and maybes
in a diner, reading on a chair or bed
knowing what wants to be said
to someone
who is coming or gone- 

such subsidence
into silence
is a unilateral curve
of moments
and movements
that swerve
a straight lifetime
to independence
in dependence
touching sublime
rich roots
then ripe fruits. 

we share their flesh and flutes
in ribosomes and delicious shoots
that release love-
no, not just the fingered glove
to wear
and curl up with in a chair,
but lovingkindness
cloaked in timeless
density and tone
in settled loam-
beyond lonely apartments in skyscrapers
and empty newspapers,
or small town life
where gossip guts you with a knife.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones, 7th August, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

GULAG CONCENTRATION CAMPS New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. - Wattpad

GULAG CONCENTRATION CAMPS New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones. - Wattpad


in the compounds
of our towns
and cities,
we've been turned around
by old entities
and walked into
the other end of light
without a fight.

all the dream land
in the green band
is blue-
the rest of us, are plebs and tramps
in gulag concentration camps
for spivs with swag
troughing on what we had and have.

don't imagine it will change
if all the fat seats and venal faces
are rearranged-
the oratory from those Other Places
of imitation Jackson Pollock's
is nothingness,
a suited
elite rooted

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones, 25th November, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

LOW VAULTED CEILINGS New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad

LOW VAULTED CEILINGS New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad


within those man stone walls
promoting their god
bringing us to him
i told the priest-
you tell us to be content
with poverty
while you live in this big house
throwing us scraps
begged from money lenders.
this is not what Jesus
asked his disciples to do.
this is not what he died for.
he said live amongst us
and share what they have.

the priest,
red with rage,
oppressive and oppressed-
pulled my mam aside
made her shrink in his stare
weep in his words
walk me in our sins
from his dark-damp house of angels.

in feral sunshine
i pointed to grinning gargoyles
chasing chastened shadows
back down primitive paths-
to a cellar flat,
bare bulb dangling
prison beam probing
baptised flesh
and mam tipped tears
soaking into straw mattresses
sucking up cold from the flagstone floor
woodworms eating a Van Gogh table
where six mouths sat
sharing stale bread and cold beans
with whiskered skirting board mice.

years later,
i left Dedalus in Dublin
in the pages of a book
to his epiphany
and Jesuit suit of guilt-
while i quenched 
my glistening fruit
in street light ladies-
drenched in smokey curling
dancing clouds
and stories from voices
bouncing off low vaulted ceilings
caressing human in darkness.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones, 1st January 2013. All Rights Reserved.

CONFESSING ALL CELESTIAL FEELINGS Love Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad

CONFESSING ALL CELESTIAL FEELINGS Love Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad


i love the way
your bum looks buffed
in the morning.
us both all scuffed
with forest musk
like dew spray
from romping and rawling
on rumpled sheets
to rhythms and beats
of Babylon
in humid gardens hanging on.
how eagerly love spoons
in the blossoms and blooms
of sun hazey afternoons,
then scented evenings
lying under jasmine ceilings
confessing all celestial feelings.
this ball of changing colours
and notes of lovers
piping from a wind chime,
wraps us both around time-
in dancing orbit
and singing duet
of gravity met
in mind and wit.
Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 7th June, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

WATER AND MIST New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad

WATER AND MIST New Poem by Strider Marcus Jones - Wattpad


let the world do what it does,
and when the desert
comes for us
we will be water-
so the seeds of new ideas
can replace the wars and fears
of decadent thrones
spying on the homes
of those they slaughter.

bring on the peoples revolution,
that returns our stolen
land into our hands
from these swollen
fat cats, with their final solution
and fascist FEMA plans.

let the world do what it does,
and when the guns
are turned on us
we will be mist-
eclipsing everything they've done
when we resist.

strike them like ghosts
in the halls of their hosts,
topple their temples of sin-
dissolve all their banks,
then their missiles and tanks,
leave no corrupted survivor-
cleanse what's within
for a new way to begin
by severing each head from this hydra.

Copyright Strider Marcus Jones. 4th July, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

The Jazz Experiments of Charles Mingus - FULL ALBUM

Monday, 24 June 2013

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

W. H. Auden - Tell Me The Truth About Love (documentary)

Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man [Paperback] by Jim Hart Poet

An elderly woman polishes her family dining table each day with painstaking care. A man receives a long lost letter from an uncle killed in the line of duty. A young child creates his own imaginative dialogue to 1950s television shows. Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man is Jim Hart’s collection of poetry that spans literary styles to capture an urban experience with profound social concern, sardonic wit, and a humorous perspective on the world that is certain to resonate with readers and thinkers everywhere. Processing the world around him in an original yet uncomplicated way, Hart crafts poems that are at once pure, sweet, and raw, availing of multiple forms of verse to forge unique concepts for the everyman. Born and raised in the 1950s in Brooklyn, New York, Hart explores topics that draw from a certain time and place in the urban American experience. The title of the collection is a nod to the poet’s own chosen profession as an employee of the New York City Sanitation Department. From the fallout of romantic love to the aftermath of war, these deeply personal, intimate takes on life, death, and much that lies in between are both achingly sad and playfully ironic. In some, such as “Leaps Of Faith” and “A Questionable Youth,” the poet shares snapshots of a Brooklyn childhood; in others, like “Greenwich Village – 1967” and “Acid Trip,” he recalls the confusing urban landscape of 1960s New York. Mining both treasured childhood times and the darker aspects of humanity, the collection converges as a stirring journey of heartbreak, family love, childhood, and coming of age. By casting a searching eye on the depths and heights of humanity, each work in Ramblings of a One-Eyed Garbage Man processes the past decades with fine perception, moral clarity, and palpable heart. Readers who value well-chosen words that are rich with life will treasure this graceful, enlightening collection.

Mr. Hart is an internationally published poet with works appearing in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Austria and India. He was born and raised in Brooklyn where he still resides with his wife. He began his post education life as a drummer in rock and blues bands before moving on to a career with the New York City Sanitation Department where he held such positions as Deputy Director of Public Affairs and Director of Correspondence for the Sanitation Police/Enforcement Division, proving that inspiration can come from the strangest of places.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

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Monday, 21 January 2013

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

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